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13:30 AFC Bournemouth vs Manchester United

Sunday May 14 2016 13:30 BST - UEFA Europa League
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28th Nov, 13

Fabricio Coloccini to leave Newcastle

Newcastle united's Argentine centre back Fabricio Coloccini says he wants to get back to Argentina, as soon as possible. He had tried to orchestrate a move to San Lorenzo but the magpies were unwilling to let the player return home. 31 year old Coloccini has agreed to stay put but repeats that he wants to go back home.

28th Nov, 13

Moyes wants Cristiano back in united

David Moyes who is now in charge of the Red Devils after Sir Ferguson's 25-year reign is dreaming of bringing back Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo, back on the team again. Moyes is rumored to have thought about making an offer to Ronaldo and thus make his arrival at the new club a bit more special and maybe more significant. But the Portuguese star has signed a new five-year contract with the Real and it seems Moyes' dream is likely to stay a dream, for the next few years.

28th Nov, 13

Wenger on the lookout for strikers

Manager Arsene Wenger says he might not be active in the January transfer window despite the team's immediate need of a back up to Olivier Giroud. Arsenal's lack of capable strikers after Lukas Podolski and Theo Walcott went down with injuries was widely discussed. The team still stands at the top of the table but whether they can continue to do so without investing in the transfer market is a question Wenger himself will find difficult to answer.

28th Nov, 13

Mourinho upset over apology

Referee's chief Mike Riley's apology to West Brom's manager Steve Clarke over the controversial penalty has got Jose Mourinho frowning. The Portuguese manager is worried that the apology might have negative implications as it exposes Marriner and wonders if such things will be issued as a matter of course, for future mistakes.

28th Nov, 13

Social media woes for Steven Taylor

Newcastle player Steven Taylor was condemned by anti-racist activists after he posted a controversial message to his team-mates that contained an offensive picture. Taylor apologised about the message last week and he could have faced further actions but was just warned about his future use of social media.